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Elyana Verkley, CPM

Welcome to Verkley Midwifery! My name is Elyana. I am a Certified Professional Midwife who recently moved to St. Louis from Baltimore, MD. I completed the bulk of my training in Baltimore, apprenticing under some very skilled midwives in the Baltimore birth community. I completed my midwifery education at Birthwise Midwifery School and The National College of Midwifery.
My fascination with pregnancy and birth began at a very young age. I learned about home birth as a teenager and fell in love! I became an immediate Birth Junkie and tried to learn all that I could about birth and midwives. I decided that I wanted to become a home birth midwife at the age of 15, but I waited to start my training until I was 22. I wanted to make sure that I felt ready to take on the responsibility of a midwife and ensure that my clients got the best care.
While I waited to feel ready for Midwifery School, I worked as a nanny and completed my Doula training with Childbirth International. I attended births in the hospital setting, and it only affirmed my desire to support out of hospital birth in any way I could! I believe that birth is a natural, physiologic process and that moms should be supported in whatever choices they make. You know what’s best for your body and your baby!

My dream has finally become my reality! As a midwife, I can help guide people through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am there to help present you with all your options and then let you make the choices. I try to help keep you low risk and to facilitate your choices in any way I can. I work with you to build a relationship based on communication, trust and mutual respect.


License issued on 12/31/2020

NARM License # 20120024

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