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Can I have a home birth?

Yes! Homebirth is a great option for low-risk moms and babies. Homebirth is a wonderful and safe option with excellent safety outcomes and high satisfaction rates. Low-risk people are those without pre-existing medical conditions that affect pregnancy, and those who do not develop any complications during their pregnancy. Reach out here to find out if you are a good candidate for a homebirth. 

When should I start my care with Verkley Midwifery?

Whenever you feel ready! We recommend starting care sometime between 6 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. This gives you a lot of time to get to know your midwife. However, you can begin care with the midwife whenever you are ready/able. 

Can I transfer care to Verkley Midwifery if I've been seeing another provider?

Definitely! We are able to request a transfer of records from your previous provider and you can transfer to midwifery care at any time. Transfers after 36 weeks will be considered on a case to case basis after reviewing your medical records.  

What are appointments like with a home birth midwife?

Appointments are generally an hour long. This time is set aside for you to have ample opportunity to discuss any concerns, we will talk about any tests or procedures that will be offered, we will assess your vitals and check on your baby. These appointments are currently taking place in your own home! 

How do you handle an emergency?

Part of a midwife's job is to perform an ongoing risk assessment during pregnancy and labor. In most cases, a necessary transfer of care can be anticipated and prepared for before it becomes an emergency. There are times when emergencies do happen at home and your midwife carries all equipment necessary to treat an immediate emergency. We carry medications, oxygen and equipment needed to manage bleeding, vaginal/perineal repairs, and resuscitations. If an infant resuscitation or other complication is no longer safe to manage at home, emergency services will be activated and your midwife will continue treatment at home until a transport team arrives.

What happens if I need to go to the hospital?

Verkley Midwifery will assist you if a transfer of care becomes necessary at any point. During pregnancy, Elyana will transfer your records to your new provider. She will also provide Doula support if you have paid the midwifery fee in full and transfer care during your pregnancy. If any transfer becomes necessary during labor, birth or immediately postpartum, Elyana will accompany you to the hospital and continue to provide support. She will also give a verbal report over the phone to the receiving provider/facility and she will fax your records over to facilitate a smooth transfer of care.

Can I have a home birth in an apartment?

Absolutely! Midwives routinely attend births in apartments with no issues. It is very unlikely that your home will be unsuitable for a home birth. 

What will my midwife bring to my home birth?

Your midwife will arrive at your home a few bags of equipment for your birth and immediate postpartum. She will have medications to manage maternal emergencies as well as resuscitation equipment. Midwives carry everything they need to safely manage labor, birth and postpartum as well as home emergencies. 

What supplies do I need for a home birth?

In addition to the supplies that your midwife brings, every client is encouraged to purchase a birth kit that has the disposable items needed for most births. You can view the birth kit by clicking here. You will also be given a list of household items to gather and place next to your birth kit. At your 36 week visit, the midwife will sort and organize all of your items so that they are convenient and accessible for the time of your birth. If you would like to have a water birth there are extra supplies that you will purchase. A birth pool will be provided to you by your midwife.

How messy is having a baby at home?

Verkley Midwifery tries to keep your space as clean as possible! During your prenatal visits with Elyana, you will talk about how to protect your bed and floors. During your labor and birth, your birth team will make every effort to keep things tidy! When the midwife leaves, there will often be 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of laundry ready to be washed. Our goal is to leave your home with it looking as clean, or cleaner than it was when we arrived.  

Who is allowed to be at my home birth?

Anyone you'd like! Birth is not a spectator sport, so we recommend that you only invite people with whom you feel comfortable and safe. Children are welcome to attend as long as you are comfortable with them being around while you are birthing. If you would like your children to be present for your birth, we recommend that you have someone at your home who's only responsibility is caring for the children. 

Are there required tests or procedures if I have a home birth?

Nope! Informed consent is the most important aspect of midwifery care. Every test or procedure that will be offered to you will be accompanied by an evidence-based conversation. You are the one who chooses which tests and procedures you would like to accept or decline. You can also change your mind at any time!

How many clients do you take a month?

Elyana maintains a low volume practice in an effort to give as much individualized attention to her clients as possible! She generally has about 1-2 clients per month with a maximum client load of 4 clients per month. 

Will my insurance cover a home birth?

Verkley Midwifery is an LLC with no malpractice insurance and is therefore not in-network with any insurance agencies. We do work closely with an independent biller who can help you get reimbursed by your insurance company. Insurance coverage for home birth varies widely, and there are no guarantees about your insurance coverage. The biller's job is to help you get reimbursed for as much money as possible!


Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions! Elyana, the midwife at Verkley Midwifery, is always happy to chat or schedule your free interview!

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